Lies, Promises and Rabbit Ears

My husband’s second paycheck, still under a thousand dollars for two full weeks of work, was celebrated the same way as the first one. We drove to the bank together, cashed the check, and back at home, we got the hidden cash out of the kitchen drawer. We called our landlord, asked him if he wanted to pick up the rent, and an hour later he parked in our driveway.

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Poor, Poorer, Poorest

It was the end of April in 2010, and we had big plans for the coming weekend. We needed to make it only through another week, then my husband would get paid again. We had $80 left to spend, the fridge and freezer were still nicely stocked, and we only needed a few fresh groceries to make it to the coming week.

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Excuse Me, Can I take this?

We spend the biggest part of Sunday in the car, driving through the neighborhood. We had noticed people were pulling out the trashcans for Monday already. Like most people, we had picked up things on the street before, but we never intentionally went out to go garbage shopping. We were hoping to find a dining chair, or maybe we would get really lucky and someone would throw an old table away.

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Covid? Why do you spare me?

Satireknight Rants - The Top Ways Twilight Pisses Me Off

“Don’t ever smoke,” that was the warning I got from my doctor when I was just a little girl. He had come on a house visit to our farm, I had been sent home sick with bronchitis -again. Ever since I can remember, I came down with a severe upper respiratory infection and/or bronchitis at least once a year. Three times that I know off, it turned into pneumonia.

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Message From the Scum of The Earth

In school, we got tormented with Latin phrases, many I learned and forgot but some I still remember to this day.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat – Fortune favors the strong/brave

Being strong or brave often means taking a risk. No risk -no fun! Will the brave not just have luck but also be entertained? And what makes us strong? Pain? Love? Hunger? The knight in the fairytale is willing to slay the dragon, and in exchange, the king will allow him to marry the princess. Is it insanity or bravery? Perhaps a mix of both? Maybe the promised reward affects our courage more than anything. If the princess is pretty enough and the kingdom is a nice one, it might be worth risking your life.

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A Letter To The Scum Of The Earth

All we needed was THE ONE PAYCHECK people always talk about. The one that can make the difference between being homeless and having a place to call home. We had fallen off the cliff, and now we were trying to climb back up. We were ready to move mountains, and desperate enough to jump into the unknown -blindfolded. All we needed was one chance to make it all happen.

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Ash Crosses and Dream Houses

Mardi gras was over, Lent, the time of fasting and sacrifices before Easter had begun. Just like every year, my friend hauled me to a Catholic church on Ash Wednesday, and we left with an ash cross on our foreheads. Remember that you are dust, and to dust, you shall return. I didn’t need that reminder. We had just hit rock bottom, and I felt lower than dust or dirt.

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Karma and Champagne

It was the first time we openly shared the fact that we were broke -it felt odd. Part of me was relieved, the other part felt ashamed. Later that evening, we told him OUR STORY, not for pity or sympathy, but because we needed to confront reality. We had been so sheltered and comforted at my friend’s home, we had been so busy, it almost felt like we had been hiding from the harsh truth that we still were homeless (house-less), and had nothing but debt to our name.

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Not Without Our Dogs

Love happens at all ages and the silliness and lightheartedness that comes with it are enjoyable to watch. My friend was no exception. She looked beautiful and confident, had the inner glow only love can give. She added lipstick to her morning routine, she went clothes shopping. She wore the ring I had given her for Christmas, and finally, she showed off the necklace she had bought for herself many Christmases ago.

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