A Heart, a Friend and Reality

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I have sent out emails in bulks, tried to reach family and friends, even some of my best clients and co-workers of my husband. Desperate times ask for extreme actions, also otherwise known to the religious people as God helps the ones who help themselves. Continue reading

A Building Permit for a Wall

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We live in an older community governed by a homeowners association.  In order to build an add-on structure such as a pergola, I have to get a detailed building plan that is compliant with the city codes.  I can’t just say that I need a pergola and get the project approved. Continue reading

A Voice of Reason

I have written a post after every mass shooting, but now I am at the point that I don’t know what to say anymore.  The hope I had, has been buried under a pile of dead bodies. While many of us wish for stricter gun laws, Congress will soon vote on a bill to ease the sale of silencers. I am lost for words and simply don’t understand it anymore.  Continue reading