When nobody cares

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She is gone. The house is empty; a shiny red realtor’s sign is placed in the yard. She left unnoticed, the neighbors didn’t give her a farewell; no cards or well wishes were exchanged. She lived in this neighborhood for 25 years; everybody knew her, but nobody felt close to her. Continue reading

The Cleaning Fairy and the Drill Sergeant – Part III

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Cleaning fairy #3 was a Russian lady, who came from a country which belonged to Russia in the past and now they don’t speak Russian anymore -turned out she didn’t speak much English either. Needless to say, we had some communication problems. She knocked on my door and introduced herself as HOUSECLEANING, what made me feel like a guest in a luxury hotel. “You show me chemicals,” she demanded, and the way she talked to me scared me a bit. Continue reading

Hit by an Angel


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My husband, the wonderful man by my side, who is no longer allowed to buy pictures or art without my supervision, outdid himself. Somehow he sneaked out and bought another picture. Where does he find them you ask? In an art Galerie? In a store? No, my husband finds his art bargains in a resale shop or at estate sales -bless his little heart.  Continue reading