Christmas Morning at Christmas Rocks

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Hiking on Christmas morning? Would I be the only one who would be up for it? Turns out I wasn’t. 21 people showed up and we had a marvelous time, and where else would we hike on that day, other than at Christmas Rocks. Starting at 9 am sharp we went for a two-hour hike and all of us were back home at 12:30 pm to eat lunch and unwrap more presents.  Continue reading

Robbery – Friday Fictioneers



Photography by CEayr


“I hope they don’t find out where I hide everything,” Sheila thought as she continued to walk toward the old exit. 

At home nothing was safe anymore, they were merciless.

Sooner or later they would go through her things.

She stepped over the chain and leaned her forehead against the cold stone. She felt exhausted.

“I have no choice; I have to get things out of the house.”

Sheila turned around; made sure nobody had followed her.

“Next year the Twins will be older and I will hide the Christmas presents at home,” she mumbled as she opened the door.

(Word count: 100)

Writing a post for the Friday Fictioneers is so much more pleasant than reading the news in the morning. Thank you, Rochelle!

Time to get ready for the day, there is a turkey waiting. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Dear Santa! Please don’t bring me a puppy for Christmas, bring it forever~!

December 9th 002

“Why is this chair a No-No? It’s perfect to look out of the window. Humans don’t make any sense.” 🙂

“What a cute commercial! Look Mom, the kids got a puppy for Christmas.”

Every year I see a  commercial like that on TV and every year I flinch. I flinch, because it’s the time of the year again, when many children ask for a puppy for Christmas and I don’t blame them. Continue reading