Sausages, Arrest Warrant and broken Promises

Our truck was parked in the mud, hidden behind the kitchen building on private property, so a repo driver looking for it could not easily spot it. Would they even find us? Did the truck have a GPS tracker we didn’t know about? Technically, it wasn’t our vehicle anymore, by then it had fallen back to the bank because we had been unable to make the monthly payment we had agreed on. A contract on a piece of paper, isn’t it like a promise?

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The Hillbilly Elegy – Understanding the Election

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I have a theory about Trump voters. First and foremost, there is the party voter. They follow blindly, just like an old woman in Ohio stated. “I am committed to supporting the conservative party, even if it’s being led by the “Jackass” Donald Trump.”  Continue reading

Heaven or Hell?


I am sitting on my desk as I do every Monday, write and answer emails, pay a few bills, because I have to and make a long to-do-list for the week ahead of me. The TV in my workroom is still on, I forgot to turn it off. Normally I would listen to music by now. I can’t take the news for too long anymore, can’t listen to it without mumbling my comments and talking to myself comes in handy these days. Continue reading


Oh thank you, thank you. That was the laugh of the day. I have my own tools, some I need for my job, others I just have for….well, I will find out one day. When I was young I wanted a clothes-wall-rack installed in the bathroom of our shoe-box aka apartment -a cloth rack is a “must have” for every Austrian-Italian. I waited patiently for weeks, months…nobody hung it.

It stood there in the corner of our shoe-box for months. My husband had all kind of explanations why he didn’t have the time, so did everybody else. Finally I had enough, I went out and bought me a drill and screws. Go figure…a drill doesn’t come with instructions -why is that? I measured, marked the location of the holes and started drilling…and drilling…and drilling. I was determined and it showed, our wall looked like Swiss cheese, but I hung that damn thing. I read Marilyn’s post and laughed hard. I had to reblog, it’s priceless.