I Am A Happily Married Racist!

Where Do Our Sexual Preferences Come From, And How Flexible Are They? :  Invisibilia : NPR

About ten, fifteen years ago, at a BBQ with lots of food and some alcohol, a friend of mine asked me if I would date -or sleep with a black man. I didn’t hesitate, answered quickly -and without thinking- “No, I would not date a black man or sleep with a black man.”

“I guess that means you are a racist,” he said and I didn’t know what to respond. My brain didn’t comprehend -neither did I. I had stepped into a trap and now I was stuck.

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What George Floyd Means To A White Woman From Europe

The episode of “A Million little things” two weeks ago, shows a black gathering with family and friends. There is laughter, people pick at each other, the way we all do when we have a good time. A young teenage boy joins them, his face is earnest. When asked what is going on, he turns his phone around, and shows the rest of he people a video he just saw online.

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Born a Racist -Changed by Life!

50 Jahre Gastarbeiter in Österreich | kurier.at

The first migrant workers arrived in Austria, following an invitation from the Austrian government.

I was born 4,500 miles away in a small village in the Alps. One foot one the Italian side, the other on the Austrian side my Grandma always joked. I met Gastarbeiter/Migrant workers), who were guest/gast in our country, invited by our government. Most of them came from the former Yugoslavia, a few Turkish men followed the invitation as well. Continue reading

Does Trump represent America?

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“She is white, he is black,” that’s how an older woman described our new neighbors to me and her face showed disapproval. We are a mostly white neighborhood and a mixed racial couple disturbs a lot of the older people here. They are nice to them, don’t cause any harm; the hurt is done behind their back in the way people talk about them – especially her.   Continue reading