It’s tough to be a fly

Image result for painting of a fly

The other day at dusk, a little fly found it’s way into our home. It flew right by me when I let the dogs out.  I noticed it but didn’t pay too much attention.

The next day, I opened the microwave to warm up some leftovers for lunch and sure enough, the little fly took its chance and flew right into it.  Continue reading

A Surprise Party – Friday Fictioneers

Photography Ted Strutz

Every time I see a boat, my mind wanders back to that night.
We had been dancing, and guys we knew had invited us to a special, nightly cruise on a boat.
Of course, we went, and all was fine for a while. Then the flirting stopped, and the guys told us that this special cruise came with special demands -demands we were not willing to fulfill.
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