The anxious leaf~!


Today is the last day in September and we had the first cold night. Summer is over, the winds are picking up and the October fairy is getting ready to paint all the leaves in beautiful reds and golds, so that we don’t forget why it’s called the “Golden October.” Continue reading

Dressed up Cows~!


Today is the first day of autumn and like every year I think back about my childhood. The first day off fall was always a special Holiday in the region where I lived, when I was a child. It was the day when the cows came back to our farm, after they had spent the summer high up in the mountains. Continue reading


Oh thank you, thank you. That was the laugh of the day. I have my own tools, some I need for my job, others I just have for….well, I will find out one day. When I was young I wanted a clothes-wall-rack installed in the bathroom of our shoe-box aka apartment -a cloth rack is a “must have” for every Austrian-Italian. I waited patiently for weeks, months…nobody hung it.

It stood there in the corner of our shoe-box for months. My husband had all kind of explanations why he didn’t have the time, so did everybody else. Finally I had enough, I went out and bought me a drill and screws. Go figure…a drill doesn’t come with instructions -why is that? I measured, marked the location of the holes and started drilling…and drilling…and drilling. I was determined and it showed, our wall looked like Swiss cheese, but I hung that damn thing. I read Marilyn’s post and laughed hard. I had to reblog, it’s priceless.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

I used to do stuff, but my son grew up and decided I was incompetent. He stole all my tools (which he called “borrowing”). Since he never intended to return any of them, I feel he and I need to reassess our language interface. I have managed to save a lightweight Dremel. I keep it hidden in the linen closet. I’m pretty sure it’s safe there. I have a hammer stowed in the silver chest where no one but me goes.


I don’t have a screwdriver, staple gun, tape, glue, or nails. Nor thumb tacks. The son who took my tools is too busy to do the little jobs I could do and Garry is a 10-thumbs kind of guy. I knew that when we got married. I never expected him to be Mr. Fixit.

In our house, what gets broken, stays broken. Forever and ever, world without end. Limited as I am…

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Marilyn Amstrong from Serendipity says it better than I ever could, so I decided to reblog her post and hope that’s alright. I did some spring cleaning myself and some blogs got the axe so to speak. If you don’t hear from me anymore, then you might be one of them and I ask for your understanding. It’s my personal preference…not a judgement of your blog. What can I say I am old(er), wicked and complicated 🙂

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Recently, I’ve had to be away from the computer more than usual. Winter is over. Stuff needs doing and frankly, I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever. Thus my email, the daily deluge of notifications, comments, advertising, and occasionally actual messages from friends, doth overflow. To the point of finding it necessary to delete a lot of notifications from fellow bloggers of new posts.

72-Computer in use_06

It was hard for me to do it. I’m compulsive about reading and commenting, or at the least “Liking” the blogs I follow. It went against the grain to delete so many notifications.

I tried to catch up with myself, but kept falling farther behind until I had no choice. Unless I’m going to spend all day everyday in front of the computer, I can’t handle the traffic.

72-Computer-in-use_01It got me thinking about why I comment on some blogs and not others. Following are the top ten reasons I don’t…

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Marilyn's guestpost

Marilyn Armstrong, a blogger and photographer who I adore, did me the honor and wrote the first guest post about her own struggles when she quit smoking.  Marilyn’s blog  >>>Serendipity<<< is a “must read” for me and every day I look forward to her posts and pictures. You never know what subject she will write about and I find her way of writing very honest, real and witty. Marilyn talks about the social aspect of smoking, something that shouldn’t be underestimated. The addiction to the habit, overpowering the need for the actual cigarette. Continue reading