Come on in!

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While we established who is not welcome in my workroom, and who I would not work for, how about I tell you who is welcome. I have some funny rules and regulations in place. Some have been planted in me by my Grandmother, others I only follow because of the fear of my Grandmother, who, if her wishes and beliefs came true, is enjoying eternity aka The afterlife sitting on a cloud watching me. Who also might have the capability to jump of her could anytime she wants to, to slap me silly. One can never know. Continue reading

Think Again~!


I was in tears yesterday, when I saw the picture of the little, Syrian boy who had drowned. I was born and raised in Europe, I traveled the word. I saw people begging for shelter in a foreign country. My own Grandmother had to flee in WWI and found a new home in Austria, where I was born. I visited Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. I am a first generation immigrant myself, a love immigrant through marriage to my husband. Refugees, migrants, immigrants…many names for people who have one wish only. The wish for a better life~! If this picture will not change the way we handle the situation worldwide, then nothing will. One of the easiest reblogs ever~!

A Momma's View

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve recently read and ask you how you feel. Please read and let me know.


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