Go Ahead, Speak for Yourself

“As a white man,” Joe begins, prefacing an insight, revelation, objection or confirmation he’s eager to share — but let’s stop him right there. Aside from the fact that he’s white, and a man, what’s his point? What does it signify when people use this now ubiquitous formula (“As a such-and-such, I …”) to affix an identity to an observation?

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A Timely Speech

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Margaret Atwood awarded the 2017 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

The Canadian author, essayist and poet Margaret Atwood was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade today at a ceremony attended by roughly 1,000 invited guests in the Church of St. Paul in Frankfurt. The speech honoring this year’s recipient was given by Austrian writer Eva Menasse. Margaret Atwood gave the speech in German.  Continue reading

Love the country, but hate your brother????


If you look at the world map, you will see that Europe is rather small. I grew up 10 minutes away from the Italian border, could drive to Germany in about 2 hours and Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Czech Republic, and Hungary were just a few hundred kilometers away. Different cultures, different languages, and different looks lived just around the corner and were rather appealing to me; it never scared me.

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