The Piano Man in Manchester

A pianist who casually started playing on a piano outside Forsyth Music Shop on Deansgate, Manchester earlier this month. It’s not clear whether he’s busking for money, or just having a jam, but he wows passers-by with an incredible medley of tunes ranging from rave classic Insomnia by Faithless to Dr. Dre’s g-funk banger Still D.R.E. Continue reading

True Companion

I read today’s word prompt and all I could think of was “my” song -our song.  Whatever I would write about, couldn’t possibly be as good as the song lyrics to “True Companion.” So,  I decided to post this song with its lyrics. And, if you are lucky as I am, and you are loved by a wonderful partner, who you love more than the sprinkles on the ice cream, then, you will understand.  Continue reading

Tom Traubert’s Blues

tom waits

One night in the 70’s, when I was listening to my favorite radio station a song came on, a song that I had never heard before. It was in English and the voice of the singer was different, it gave me goose pimples and got my attention. I heard the German word  “waltzing” in between all the English lyrics and wondered how that could be. Continue reading