The Christmas Warehouse

Every year in November I drive to the Christmas warehouse and I make sure that the trees, wreaths and Christmas decorations are ready for pickup.

A storage facility full of decorated Christmas trees, carefully wrapped in plastic, just waiting to show their artificial beauty in the malls and stores through the Holiday Season. I have the key to one of the warehouses and I am responsible for about 50 trees.

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The 7-Dollar Christmas Tree


There was a time in our lives when we didn’t have too much money. To be honest, we didn’t have any and hardly made it. We were forced to start all over new, and so we moved with our dogs and everything an SUV could hold across the country. It was a move we couldn’t afford, many things were left behind.  Continue reading

The Story of Jack O’Lantern


As the legend goes, several centuries ago in Ireland, there lived a drunk who was known as “Stingy Jack.” Nobody liked him, he cheated, he lied, and he played tricks on people. One night the Devil overheard the tale of Jack’s evil deeds. Unconvinced and envious of the rumors, the devil went to find out for himself, whether or not Jack lived up to his mean reputation. Continue reading