My Summer in the Alps


Sometimes, very seldom, I feel something like homesickness, even though it’s not for a home or family, but rather for a tradition and or perhaps rituals I remember so vividly. Right about now, at the beginning of summer, I was always called back home to our farm in Austria. I got an extra week of vacation, like so many of us farm-children who had to help. Continue reading

Born a Racist – Changed by Life Part II

Sprachreisen Englang - Sprachreise London - Sprachreisen ...

“You are going to England for the summer,” my Grandma surprised me and she would spend my favorite time of the year with two children from Italy. She had been given a pamphlet of EF a student summer exchange program -which is still existing to this day. She had liked the idea to send me off so it seems because she had signed up for it months before. Continue reading