Thirty Soldiers in My Workroom

A last-minute call from the township we live in. They asked me to sew banners. People had ordered them to honor their loved ones who served in the armed forces of the United States. The banners will be displayed on street lamps from Memorial Day through Veterans Day to both, celebrate, and remind the community of their dedication to our country.

What’s there to sew on a banner? I wondered.

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An Old Familiar Feeling

U.S. cities light up for COVID-19 victims in Biden-led memorial — photos -  Axios

Last night, when I saw the 400 lights at the Reflection Pool, I felt sadness and how could I not, knowing that the 400 lights stood for almost 400,000 lost lives. The people we have lost to COVID-19 being mourned publicly for the first time in a year.

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9/11 Rescue Dogs…remembered~!

rescue dog

If you ever worked with rescue dogs, then you will know that they are doing hard work. Searching for survivors after disasters like 9/11, that’s what they are trained for. Their goal is to find as many as possible, it’s a race against time. Then, when they can’t find any more survivors, that’s when they continue to search for the remains of victims. It’s hard on them and on their handlers and owners, you can see it in their eyes.  Continue reading