2020 – Bras, Antiques and Face Masks

Dave Barry's Year in Review 2020 - The Washington Post

On the last day of 2020, I would like to share part of my life on my blog. 2020 has not been bad for me -far from it. I made interesting discoveries and my workrooms were messier than ever. I learned to sew face masks, made my husband my sewing apprentice, and before we knew what hit us we were were sewing, selling, and donating masks left and right. I started to collect bras.

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Facemasks, Rollercoaster and Life in General

facemasks 2

I always joked that I have the loneliest job in the world, which now turns out to be a blessing. I am working on my projects like I normally do -for me, not much has changed. Perhaps the amount of quilting fabric laying around might seem like a disturbance at a place that normally works only with heavy fabrics and leathers. Continue reading

Share your World – 2016 Week #31


What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in?  And what Country do you live?

We live in Columbus, Ohio, and I still try to make peace with the city. I don’t like Ohio, and I am not objective when it comes to judging the state, the city or people who are from here. I treat the city like a one-night stand. Somehow it happened, but I prefer not to talk about it.  Continue reading