To translate my life



TRANSLATE, this is my word, I live it since  30 years. I am the translator, the person in the back, who brings worlds together.  Continue reading

You shall not lie Ms Davis~!


The elected country clerk, three time divorcee and newborn Christian, Kim Davis, who had spend five days in jail, because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, met the Pope in a private meeting. I read the headline in disbelieve…of all the people in this country, why in the world would Pope Francis meet with Ms. Davis in a private meeting? Don’t we have better hypocrites than her? Continue reading

Sistine Chapel and so much more…


We all have seen pictures of famous ceiling paintings and can name a few. On top of the list is of course the “Sistine Chapel” in the Vatican and even I, who is not a fan of this little tax free State in the middle of Italy, yes, even I took my time and was laying on the floor for an hour -like so many tourists from all over the world; I wanted to take it all in, wanted to admire Michelangelo’s masterpiece, wanted to look at his famous colorful fresco. Continue reading