Transgender Rights -Chess and Politics

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Headline today. “Trump and his administration are after the transgender rights.” The gender will be declared at birth and cannot be changed. A nightmare for every transgender person. Back into the closet, they will go. Stripped of their rights, they will march on but will have no protection. Continue reading

Trump – The Monster we created

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Donald Trump recently spoke about American football. No other game more fully embodies this country’s character. The sport is about capturing territory, and players need to be tough and fearless to win. A player who is afraid of being tackled by someone from the opposing team while running has already lost the game. “I don’t even watch it as much anymore,” Trump told a crowd of his supporters in Reno, Nevada. “The whole game is all screwed up.”

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Heaven or Hell?


I am sitting on my desk as I do every Monday, write and answer emails, pay a few bills, because I have to and make a long to-do-list for the week ahead of me. The TV in my workroom is still on, I forgot to turn it off. Normally I would listen to music by now. I can’t take the news for too long anymore, can’t listen to it without mumbling my comments and talking to myself comes in handy these days. Continue reading