About a shriveled orange Soul

There’s a shriveled orange soul
in a narrow-minded hole
that won’t think of getting out
just to see what life’s about,
so it simply says “My goal
is to live inside this hole,
thus forever tightly curled
in my shriveled orange world.”

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A black man and a white man kneeling

One man is kneeling in silent protest during the anthem, the other one is kneeling for a private prayer -even though nothing is private when millions are watching.

Until yesterday, my opinion about Colin Kaepernick was pretty clear. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Continue reading

National Youth Tobacco Survey 2014

The National Youth Tobacco Survey 2014 is shocking on so many levels. You would think that our lawmakers might find the need to react now, but then who am I kidding. I watched TV last night and I couldn’t believe it, there was an e-cigarette commercial, right at prime time. Haven’t we learned anything? So we don’t allow tobacco commercials anymore, but now we allow the advertisement of electronic cigarettes?  Continue reading