My New Year’s Wishes For You (and Me)

Winter Evening, a photo from Southern Finland, South | TrekEarth

The end of the year is more of an arbitrary time, which has nothing to do with nature but with our calendar. This phase of the year is well suited to spending time with family and friends because almost all of them have days off between Christmas and New Year. The long nights slow me down, ideal for reflecting on one’s own life.

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About Dying and Living

Don't let age change you, change the way you age”

I met her when she was in her late 80’s and fell instantly in love with the fragile-looking, stubborn, old Lady, who happened to be our new neighbor.

One of our dogs started barking at her through the fence, just a few days after we had moved in. I was ready to scold the dog when I heard the old lady talk to it. “It’s nice meeting you too. You are just saying hello to me, aren’t you.” Our dog, a shepherd-chow mix, stopped barking, sat down and the two had a conversation. One talked about her flowers, and the weather, our dog listened. From that day on they always met on the fence line.

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