Message From the Scum of The Earth

In school, we got tormented with Latin phrases, many I learned and forgot but some I still remember to this day.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat – Fortune favors the strong/brave

Being strong or brave often means taking a risk. No risk -no fun! Will the brave not just have luck but also be entertained? And what makes us strong? Pain? Love? Hunger? The knight in the fairytale is willing to slay the dragon, and in exchange, the king will allow him to marry the princess. Is it insanity or bravery? Perhaps a mix of both? Maybe the promised reward affects our courage more than anything. If the princess is pretty enough and the kingdom is a nice one, it might be worth risking your life.

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12 Months of Change and Purpose?

Most of my blogging friends are so much adventurous than I ever could be. What will I do in the new year to be better, to be healthier, to be more balanced? I have no clue. If I don’t watch it, I will just end up doing more of the same -again.

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A Letter To The Scum Of The Earth

All we needed was THE ONE PAYCHECK people always talk about. The one that can make the difference between being homeless and having a place to call home. We had fallen off the cliff, and now we were trying to climb back up. We were ready to move mountains, and desperate enough to jump into the unknown -blindfolded. All we needed was one chance to make it all happen.

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Ash Crosses and Dream Houses

Mardi gras was over, Lent, the time of fasting and sacrifices before Easter had begun. Just like every year, my friend hauled me to a Catholic church on Ash Wednesday, and we left with an ash cross on our foreheads. Remember that you are dust, and to dust, you shall return. I didn’t need that reminder. We had just hit rock bottom, and I felt lower than dust or dirt.

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