I Am A Nonperson … So Are You … Just Ask Eric Trump

If you are not a person, do you still have a persona?
Waving the paper towel. So proud to be not one of THEM.

Filosofa's Word

You can pretty much gauge what type of a news day it is by the number of paper towels used in my household.  Here’s the scenario:  I see a news story that makes me angry, and I curse whichever Trump caused my anger, usually Donald himself.  If it makes me really angry, I stick out my tongue and do a raspberry … ppppbbbbbttttthhhh.  (Yes, I know … very mature …) I then go get a paper towel to clean the droplets off my screen.  And so goes the day.  At the end of the night, as I am preparing for bed, I check the paper towels.  If there is still ½ roll or more on the dowel, I figure it was a pretty peaceful news day.

Tonight there is only one lonely paper towel left on the roll.  And here is part of the reason:

Eric Trump.  Eric came flitting…

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Dust Bunnies and Cleaning Fairies


I wasn’t born to clean. I was born to live, laugh and create. That at least was the plan, and then I got married to a man with a selective vision. It’s fascinating how it works, one minute he sees just fine, the next he can’t see dirt or dust.  Continue reading