True Companion

I read today’s word prompt and all I could think of was “my” song -our song.  Whatever I would write about, couldn’t possibly be as good as the song lyrics to “True Companion.” So,  I decided to post this song with its lyrics. And, if you are lucky as I am, and you are loved by a wonderful partner, who you love more than the sprinkles on the ice cream, then, you will understand.  Continue reading

Time is up?

sand clock

Oh Boy is it time already? Is my time up? Does that mean last year was the last year on this wonderful, crazy planet or does it mean this year is the last year of my life? Now I am all confused. Maybe I read the question wrong. Nope, it says “from the last year of your life” very confusing. Continue reading

Beside the Point~!


I dislike the whole idea of paying it forward, because ever since that movie, many people go around and brag with what they have done. Receipts with a generous tip or a kind message get photographed and are being showed at Facebook and other social media sites. Paying it forward became a sport, a competition for many. It’s like people are under peer pressure “let me top what my neighbor just did.” Continue reading