Weight Loss Hell or Miracle from Heaven?

Weight watchers Memes

My neighbor just signed up for Weight Watchers and she is excited the same way she always is when she finds help on her never-ending weight loss journey. “I was a chubby child, an overweight adult and now I am an overweight older Grandma,” she says and then she tells me about her heavy bones, and how she was doomed to be overweight her whole life. “It’s genetic!”

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The Sense of Smell

animals smelling flowers

When the sense of smell is lost you can almost get depressed. Anosmia is the clinical term, something I knew nothing about. Sadly, now I do. Four months after my husband and I tested positive for COVID-19 I still can’t smell a thing.

Sometimes for a split second, I think I can smell my perfume or my husband’s aftershave. When I get our beds ready for the night and spray my favorite room spray, which is supposed to help us to relax and sleep well, I seem to catch a short sensation of Eucalyptus and Spearmint but it instantly fades away. My brain playing tricks on me?

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Austrian Noodle Soup and the Death of a Chicken

Urlaub am Bauernhof in Südtirol am Ritten bei Bozen

According to my Grandma, the best chicken noodle soup starts with sharpening the ax and getting the old woodblock ready. Then you pick out a chicken and after you catch it, you talk to it nicely, you pet it one last time and you say THANK YOU, after all, it has given you plenty of eggs throughout the years and now it will continue to give you one last meal. You cover the chicken with your old cardigan and carry it to the old barn, where the axe and the woodblock are waiting.

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Italian Rice-Melon Salad

Italienischer Reis - Melonen - Salat

Cooking tasteful, heart-healthy meals containing less sodium has been quite a challenge. My husband, who now after his bypass surgery is considered a heart patient for life, has not been very helpful. The times of juicy burgers and fried foods are over. Sodium loaded soups, chili’s, stews, and gravies have been banned from my kitchen. Continue reading

We are on a diet -or not?


Like life isn’t complicated enough already, now we are on a diet, that’s what HE said. It’s my own fault. I left the scale in the living room and he stepped on it. It would have been smarter if I would have schlepped the heavy roll of fabric up the stairs to the bathroom, but no, I had to get the scale downstairs -to make my life easier- and by doing so I set up a chain reaction.  Continue reading

About Fruitcakes and Religion!


Every year during the Holiday season we get fruitcakes from our neighbors. We smile politely and hand out a tin box of cookies in exchange -always thinking they got the better deal. The fruitcakes end up in our fridge. It’s like during a rainy summer when you end up with too many zucchinis in your garden -all football size and bigger- and you try to come up with a solution to get rid of them. Continue reading