Defending my life…seriously?

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So, is this what I will have to do from now on? Sitting there, talking about my life, looking at my past like Meryl Streep in the movie Defending your life and being judged by hmmm, well by whom? Continue reading


The new me…

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I remember the time before my 40’s birthday…the big “4” had me thinking for a while. I didn’t really care for the “over-the-hill” felling at all. How could I be already 40 if I still feel like 20? Well, turning 40 is a milestone, but although gives you a taste of how you will feel when you turn 50. Continue reading

Almost 1 week smoke-free – Am I an addict?


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I looked at my chalkboard and it made me smile;  it showed a big 5! Wow almost a whole week smoke-free! Most of the time I am fine, but yesterday I had a craving and it was different. It hit me like a freight train and came from out of nowhere. It lasted a little bit longer as well -maybe 20 minutes, but still… didn’t kill me. I had more and more questions on my mind. I wanted to talk to other people like me; I wanted to find smokers like me who just quit …but where?

Continue reading