Oreo Pralines -Christmas Gifts Homemade

Homemade Christmas gifts. How much we appreciate and cherish them, yet we seldom take the time to make them ourselves. Perhaps this could be the year when many of us will remember the wonderful tradition, and we will spend time making presents instead of buying them?

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Unsung Heroes

Sometimes I write from the heart. Today it’s a spontaneous feeling of deep gratitude toward other fellow human beings, the ones we call unsung heroes, the ones I call SILENT HEROES. It takes a very special mood to give this feeling so much space in me to write about it. A tidal wave, but a good one, which repeatedly in the end also forces me into action.

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Small Steps

All of us –without exception– go through difficult periods and sometimes even substantial crises in our lives. We feel like we are on a ship without an anchor, we feel hopelessness and powerlessness. Sometimes we just feel blue without any reason, other times we have to overcome a loss and hardship.

We feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out. What to do?

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Dear Customer! Sorry but it’s 1 star only!

When I have time to worry about being too busy, perhaps I am not as busy as I thought I would be? How can I possibly have time to write a blog post -yet here I am. The end of the year is the busiest time of the year for me. All my customers want their projects back in their homes before the holidays and nowadays -I am not sure how and when it happened- the holiday season starts already before Halloween.

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The Ultimate Question – When? Where?


What time and place would I travel to if there would be a time machine? My blogging friend Peter, from Peter’s pondering, asked me that question a while back, and as so often, I didn’t have an answer right away. However, I thought I found a clever way out because he had mentioned there would be no return and a one-way ticket in a time machine didn’t seem desirable at all.

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