Who am I?

Layers like an onion?

I have noticed some new names and faces on my blog, and I am flattered. The connection and communication with follow boggers are wonderful. I do wonder did you connect with me after you had just read one of my silly sarcastic posts, or did you decide to read my future rants and vents after I just had blown off some steam -again?

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Where Did May Go?

It seems the universe will never stop interfering with my plans, and life itself doesn’t seem to take me and my goals too seriously either. My well-meant intent to use the new year for 12 months of change and purpose has now somehow become more of a monthly reminder of how many of my plans, dreams, and goals I never achieve, due to interruptions I didn’t plan on.

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Dreaming of Crows

“Someone is going to die,” he said and when I followed his gaze, I saw a crow had landed in the tree right in front of his office window. Only one bird. It sat still, looked in our direction, almost like it was watching us through the glass. It was the time of the year when the trees were leafless beauties, nothing blogged our view.

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A Dog in Need, An Austrian Prince, and a $1 Bet for Africa!

Karl Heinz Boehm and Romy Schneider “Sissi”

“… And suddenly the theater prince threw his golden cardboard crown to the floor with momentum, he rolled up his sleeves, and shouted to the audience in a powerful voice:
Let’s go! Now in real life!

Well, it wasn’t quite like that, but a little bit! Especially inside, in the heart of the man without a crown.

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