The Dark Side to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Anna Jarvis

Mother’s Day seems quite harmless. You invite your mother to brunch, buy flowers, maybe even some chocolates and you enjoy good times together. 

But the history of this modern holiday is marked by a rampage of conflicts, controversies, and consumerism. Mother’s Day has a dark side and who other than someone like me- who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day- should point it out.

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I am a Citizen

Democracy & the Unreasonable: Lessons from Rawls | Issue 122 | Philosophy  Now

Every time I read another article about voter restrictions a shiver runs down my spine. I do wonder when I will fall under the restrictions? When I am old and fragile? When I no longer stand with ease? When I have the wrong friends, or belong to the wrong party? When I am still just a woman? When I have the wrong color, or freckles might be outlawed. When I am retired, or too young to die?

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The Sense of Smell

animals smelling flowers

When the sense of smell is lost you can almost get depressed. Anosmia is the clinical term, something I knew nothing about. Sadly, now I do. Four months after my husband and I tested positive for COVID-19 I still can’t smell a thing.

Sometimes for a split second, I think I can smell my perfume or my husband’s aftershave. When I get our beds ready for the night and spray my favorite room spray, which is supposed to help us to relax and sleep well, I seem to catch a short sensation of Eucalyptus and Spearmint but it instantly fades away. My brain playing tricks on me?

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And The Looting Continues

The Week — As areas of Minneapolis shifted from peaceful...

You wanna talk about Looting after Cold-Blooded Murder.
So let’s talk.

The neighborhood was Looted
Long before the windows broke
Long before the tear gas was thrown
Long before fire grenades flashed through the night
There was Looting
There has always been Looting
Since land, liberty, and life was Looted from the first people to live in this neighborhood,
The Looting has Continued

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