The Common Distortion Of Negativity

I am married to Mr. Negative, which is a good thing because I am Mrs. Positive and we balance each other out. My husband’s negativity amuses me, but sometimes it’s a bit too much, then I have to remind myself that my husband’s behavior is to be expected, my endless optimism, on the other hand, is not normal.

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Feeling Ashamed of My Action!

To become old and wise at an older age, you first have to be young and silly first. I was young and very silly but not just that, there were times when I was arrogant and full of myself, phases when I thought I know it all. I looked down at people, not a conscious choice I made, it just happened. The arrogance of the youth.

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Flying with Horse Apples

Optimism is the best way to see Life! 🤩🤩 - Road To Prosperity | Facebook

I want to tell you this story about the two brothers—small boys—one of them a confirmed pessimist, and the other a thoroughly “blooming optimist.”

The father of these boys had tried in every way possible to equalize the natures of the boys, but with no success at all. So, when Christmas time came around he was very careful to purchase for the pessimistic one everything in the line of toys and outfits that he had at any time expressed a wish for. In the stocking of the optimistic youngster, he put only a dried out horse-apple. 

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