Things you cannot blog about! But why?

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Most and foremost, don’t ever write about religion, because good lord almighty you might rattle the boat. It’s almost as bad as writing about politics! Which is -if you live in the United (divided) States of America, perhaps the biggest blogging offense you can commit. Continue reading

Cuban cigars…the symbol of wealth


Cubans legendary cigars were long banned in the US…and now the White House is easing the sanctions on Cuban cigars, and many American can’t wait to buy them legally. Smokers are happy about it, and Cuban tobacco growers are celebrating; they can’t wait to sell the cigars to Americans, after all, it’s a million dollar business. Cuban tobacco growers see this as a significant opportunity for their business and try to create an appetite for their product. It wasn’t available for so long…people need to develop a new taste for it. Continue reading