The Dark Side to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Anna Jarvis

Mother’s Day seems quite harmless. You invite your mother to brunch, buy flowers, maybe even some chocolates and you enjoy good times together. 

But the history of this modern holiday is marked by a rampage of conflicts, controversies, and consumerism. Mother’s Day has a dark side and who other than someone like me- who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day- should point it out.

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Song Lyric Sunday -Goodbye for Grandma

Greece Travel Guide | Earth Trekkers

I am an American and love this country with all my heart, but I also have a European Austrian-Italian soul. I am following Sunday Lyrics for a while but only posted once. My original splendid evening idea to post European songs every Sunday, didn’t seem to make too much sense the next day. Nevertheless, it didn’t leave me alone.

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Self-Isolations is over

Our two-week COVID-lockdown is over. We worked yesterday for the first time. My husband left the house in the morning, I watched him leave and I dragged my feet to the living room. I piddled around a bit but finally made it to my workroom. In clothes -real clothes! All our pajamas and sweatpants were spinning in the washer. We survived the coronavirus and I feel so many emotions, I don’t even know where to begin.

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