No Pay! No Stay!

The Art of Eviction | The Nation

On Thursday, the now conservative supreme court in the United States has blocked President Biden’s COVID moratorium, which means Millions of people will now face eviction. I have mixed feelings about it. I once was a landlord. I once was a homeowner. I once came close to being homeless. I once was houseless. I lost it all, not just once but three times. (Yes, I promise, will start writing about it.)

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So long, Afghanistan

Afghanistan updates: US Embassy says to avoid airport because it's taking  fire – Illinois News Now

The Military in Afghanistan outnumbers the Taliban 6:1. They have been trained for several years, yet they are not willing to fight for their freedom and for the rights of their wives and daughters. We have to accept that. The way it looks to me, they welcomed the Taliban without fighting. Almost like they are happy to get their country back.

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Don’t Do The Time

DC Report: Peace plan not — more like Monopoly's Get Out of Jail Free card

Soon, the political affiliation will matter more than ever. A new bill the house will vote on next week, will ask prosecutors and judges to be lenient IF the suspect belongs to their political party. For example IF the state is run by Democrats, most likely in the future democratic criminals will get away with a slap on the wrist rather than be locked up behind bars, same goes vice versa for Republican states.

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