It’s tough to be a fly

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The other day at dusk, a little fly found it’s way into our home. It flew right by me when I let the dogs out.  I noticed it but didn’t pay too much attention.

The next day, I opened the microwave to warm up some leftovers for lunch and sure enough, the little fly took its chance and flew right into it.  Continue reading

Taking Care of a Caretaker

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My friend and neighbor had been a nurse for almost 40 years. She stopped working the day after she got diagnosed with cancer. Her front yard is a statement of thanks from patients she helped throughout the years. She never liked cut flowers, gave them away, only kept the potted plants. “They don’t die,” she said and planted them around their house. I have a feeling it was more than just a statement but a reflection of a job that has its dark sides. Continue reading