The Stars are too bright!

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Just recently I left a rare 5-star review for an electronic fruitfly trap, which I had bought when I feared I would lose all my marbles when all the fruit flies and gnats in North America had a meeting at our house. Continue reading

Technology Confused


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I watched my husband texting in snail speed -due to the one-finger-search-system he uses on any keyboard- and so I interfered. Helpful, as only loving spouses can be, I showed him the little microphone on his phone, and asked him to use it. Continue reading

Rotten Tomatoes for Indie Books?

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Many bloggers publish their own books these days. I wanted to help, wanted to support my fellow bloggers and bought many -too many- of the so called Indie books. I always left nice reviews, because that’s what we bloggers are supposed to do. We don’t want to lose a reader and a follower, with that in mind, we stretch the truth as far as possible. We praise, and leave polite comments, even if we don’t care for something. Blogging politics at it’s best.  Continue reading