Technology Confused


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I watched my husband texting in snail speed -due to the one-finger-search-system he uses on any keyboard- and so I interfered. Helpful, as only loving spouses can be, I showed him the little microphone on his phone, and asked him to use it. Continue reading

Is my SmartPhone too Smart?

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I love my smartphone but often wonder about the misuse of my data. So much about me can be known, just by looking at my apps. There is a lady who likes music and listens to books. Sometimes she has trouble sleeping, and she uses relaxation sounds and noises to lull her back into the dreamland. Continue reading

Back to school

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Yippie…all the neighbor kids are back in school. I have my workroom back and I returned to my normal routine -I hear silence and love it.

The kids and I made it through the summer torturing each other. They forced me to watch The Gilmore Girls, and I made them listen to books that I thought they needed to know. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of them and they loved it.  Continue reading