Is my SmartPhone too Smart?

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I love my smartphone but often wonder about the misuse of my data. So much about me can be known, just by looking at my apps. There is a lady who likes music and listens to books. Sometimes she has trouble sleeping, and she uses relaxation sounds and noises to lull her back into the dreamland.

She needs reading glasses but often can’t find them, she tries to stay fit and uses a fitness tracker. She checks certain news outlets frequently, buys STUFF online and orders food in. There is a list of shops she uses, interests she pins and podcasts she loves to listen to.

It seems she is constantly lost and needs help to find her way around, and when at home, she streams her favorite TV shows and writes a blog.

She is a tech geek, a safety wizard, multilingual and loves to laugh. Health seems to be more important than wealth, and cooking must be high on top of her list of priorities. She is a fabric hoarder, a dog lover and loves estate sales and I believe she has a thing for shoes.

All of this and more can be seen on the list of apps I use.

While I have nothing to hide, I don’t like sharing without knowing. I don’t like the idea that every second of my day is being tracked, I hate that my data might be sold to the highest bidder.

Today I came across an article that gave me a lot to think about, and now I am sitting here, arguing with my SmartPhone.

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

For me, it’s personal.


9 thoughts on “Is my SmartPhone too Smart?

  1. I worry about this too. I’ve often thought about going back to a so-called “dumb phone” but it then seems so impractical as so much of our lives are led online, not to mention that I *anyway* enjoy my apps and checking in on them. Food for thought though…

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