Give Peace a Chance

Peace for me, it’s the desire to live a life free from war and free from life-threatening physical violence. In addition, peace for me also means not experiencing oppression, social inequality, and other structural violence. Living in peace means the absence of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

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Thirty Soldiers in My Workroom

A last-minute call from the township we live in. They asked me to sew banners. People had ordered them to honor their loved ones who served in the armed forces of the United States. The banners will be displayed on street lamps from Memorial Day through Veterans Day to both, celebrate, and remind the community of their dedication to our country.

What’s there to sew on a banner? I wondered.

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No War

The field is an area in Germany with a 280 m peace sign. It is aligned in such a way that it is in the approach route of the aircraft to the airport in Bremen. The mark will remain for about 2 months, then corn will grow over it.

You’re standing with a “No war” sign as if indulging
the inevitable: this war can’t be stopped,
like bright arterial blood from an open wound
it flows till it kills,

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Caviar and Champagne or Onion with Vodka?

I visited Russia twice. The first time when it was still the USSR and ten years later, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. From an early age on I had decided I would not like Russia or the Russian people. I didn’t need the COLD WAR or politics to tell me what to feel and what to believe. I had heard enough stories from German, Italian and Austrian soldiers when I grew up. So many had been prisoners of war in Russia during WWII, including my own father. The fact that all of them made a difference between Russia as a country, the Russian people, and their government was ignored by me on purpose. Isn’t it all the same?

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Beautiful Ukraine

When you clean your weapon
When time and again, you clean your weapon
When you rub strong-smelling oils into your weapon
And shield it from the rain with your own body
When you swaddle it like a baby
Even though you’ve never swaddled a baby before —
You’re only nineteen, no baby, no wife —
The weapon becomes your only kin
You and the weapon are one.

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The Dark Side to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Anna Jarvis

Mother’s Day seems quite harmless. You invite your mother to brunch, buy flowers, maybe even some chocolates and you enjoy good times together. 

But the history of this modern holiday is marked by a rampage of conflicts, controversies, and consumerism. Mother’s Day has a dark side and who other than someone like me- who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day- should point it out.

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