You Are Not Welcome, Baby!

Abandoned Baby Found by the Side of the Road — With $5,000 in Cash |  ParentMap

Every child born should be wanted, loved, and cherished by it’s parents. That’s what I wish for. Sadly, it’s not always the case. I was an unwanted child myself. My mother made sure I knew how much she didn’t want me, she repeated it over and over. Once, when I was five or six years old, she told me she threw herself in front of my father’s car when she was very pregnant with me. I suppose it was in the driveway when he was driving slow, while she didn’t have a problem hurting me, she surely wouldn’t have risked harming herself.

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So long, Afghanistan

Afghanistan updates: US Embassy says to avoid airport because it's taking  fire – Illinois News Now

The Military in Afghanistan outnumbers the Taliban 6:1, they have been trained for several years, yet they are not ready to fight for their freedom and for the rights of their wives and daughters. We have to accept that. The way it looks to me, they welcomed the Taliban without fighting. Almost like they are happy to get their country back.

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From Babe to Bitch?

For the last time... don't call me pet names! - Set Phasers to LOL - sci fi  fantasy

Yesterday in the afternoon the phone rang. I answered, as usual having my phone on the phone stand on speaker, so I can continue typing, working, or playing, while talking to whoever is on the other line at the same time. Multitasking, a task I should have given up years ago.

A gentlemen round around my age -give or take a few years- wanted to know if I could help him, he had an odd request. Don’t they all?

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