Slippery Memory Slope

I Haven't Forgot I Just Can't Remember Winnie the Pooh | Winnie the Pooh  Meme on ME.ME

How could a simple question throw me into such a turmoil? “What did you have for breakfast?” my husband wanted to know and my brain went totally blank. “Did I have breakfast?” Yes, I am sure I did, probably a green smoothie or maybe a gluten-free toast with a slice of Italian prosciutto, the cheap brand from Aldi’s.

But I couldn’t remember. As hard as I tried, nothing came up.

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Which one is which?

medium dogs 7

I had been hungry for Boudin all week long, and finally, yesterday I had gotten them out of the freezer. A box of hot jalapeno Boudin for they guys and another box of regular Boudin for the ladies.  I was careful when I opened the packages, made sure I didn’t mix them up, even used different plates when I thawed them.  Continue reading