The Goodness, we don’t hear about

As of today, 143,895 families and individuals have offered to take Ukraine refugees in, all together they have 327,844 beds available. All of them are private citizens mainly from Germany but also from neighboring countries, willing and eager to open their homes to Ukrainian (and Russian) refugees without hesitation.

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All in, Please

Bartender Explains What Different "Angel Shots" Mean And How Ordering One  Can Save Someone From A Bad Situation | Bored Panda

Why isn’t this sign in every lady’s room?

The original “Ask for Angela” campaign started in 2016 in England and is known here in the U.S. as The Angel Shot. The way it works is simple if a customer asks for an Angela or an Angel Shot they feel unsafe in some way. The staff can respond by helping them to leave the place safely, or even by removing another customer who is making the person feel uncomfortable.

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Excuse Me, Can I take this?

We spend the biggest part of Sunday in the car, driving through the neighborhood. We had noticed people were pulling out the trashcans for Monday already. Like most people, we had picked up things on the street before, but we never intentionally went out to go garbage shopping. We were hoping to find a dining chair, or maybe we would get really lucky and someone would throw an old table away.

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Tomorrow We’ll Say Goodbye

This is not my first rodeo, nor will it be the last, but perhaps one of the hardest. After seventeen years, we will go for a ride to the Veterinarians’ office tomorrow, and we will come back home alone. My friend, the wonderful, crazy, mischievous, loyal, breakout artist, will not be with us anymore, and just thinking about it hurts. The pain only love can create. I can feel tears building up, and quickly I remind myself how lucky we have been to have him for so long.

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