London Bridge Is Down

For the death of the monarch, there is a sophisticated protocol that specifies the next few days in Great Britain – summarized under the code name “Operation London Bridge”. Created by the Queen herself, to assure everything will go as planned, while the nation will still be under shock.

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Is it just me?

Homeless Jesus Sculpture

One of the headlines yesterday: Brooklyn pastor says he and his wife were robbed of more than $1 million in jewelry during an online ceremony.

My honest reaction to it: I hope it was Robin Hood and the money will be given to the poor.

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An American By Choice

USA and Austria

I am not a migrant. I am a first-generation love immigrant who followed her heart -and the man who was holding it captive. I came to America from a wealthy West-European country, a land that granted fantastic healthcare to everybody. I didn’t know what co-pay was, could get my teeth fixed, my eyes checked, and had a yearly physical from an early age.

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Caviar and Champagne or Onion with Vodka?

I visited Russia twice. The first time when it was still the USSR and ten years later, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. From an early age on I had decided I would not like Russia or the Russian people. I didn’t need the COLD WAR or politics to tell me what to feel and what to believe. I had heard enough stories from German, Italian and Austrian soldiers when I grew up. So many had been prisoners of war in Russia during WWII, including my own father. The fact that all of them made a difference between Russia as a country, the Russian people, and their government was ignored by me on purpose. Isn’t it all the same?

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Angela Merkel -Or What Wikipedia doesn’t Know

Club Foody | Beef Rouladen Recipe • A Popular German Dish! | Club Foody
Roulade, with red cabbage. One of my favorite dishes as well.

I have a love-hate relationship with Wikipedia and deal with it in the same, almost insane way I deal with Amazon. I use it because it’s convenient, I trust neither. Both companies (or services) give me for a short time the illusion that they actually might care about me, the paying customer, or in Wikipedia’s case, the frugal donor, who dares to only give them the $1 they actually asked for. Come to think of it, perhaps it’s not so much a donation, but the tip I am willing to pay for a flawed service.

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You Are Not Welcome, Baby!

Abandoned Baby Found by the Side of the Road — With $5,000 in Cash |  ParentMap

Every child born should be wanted, loved, and cherished by it’s parents. That’s what I wish for. Sadly, it’s not always the case. I was an unwanted child myself. My mother made sure I knew how much she didn’t want me, she repeated it over and over. Once, when I was five or six years old, she told me she threw herself in front of my father’s car when she was very pregnant with me. I suppose it was in the driveway when he was driving slow, while she didn’t have a problem hurting me, she surely wouldn’t have risked harming herself.

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No Pay! No Stay!

The Art of Eviction | The Nation

On Thursday, the now conservative supreme court in the United States has blocked President Biden’s COVID moratorium, which means Millions of people will now face eviction. I have mixed feelings about it. I once was a landlord. I once was a homeowner. I once came close to being homeless. I once was houseless. I lost it all, not just once but three times. (Yes, I promise, will start writing about it.)

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