Where Did May Go?

It seems the universe will never stop interfering with my plans, and life itself doesn’t seem to take me and my goals too seriously either. My well-meant intent to use the new year for 12 months of change and purpose has now somehow become more of a monthly reminder of how many of my plans, dreams, and goals I never achieve, due to interruptions I didn’t plan on.

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Surprise Easter Cake Eggs

Easter is a wonderful time to get creative. I love to make Suprise Cake Eggs, which are so easily done, and everybody loves them. All it takes is two or three dozen fresh eggs and your favorite cake or brownie mix. Right out of the box -not too time-consuming but fun to make. Of course, you can make your own cake batter if you prefer.

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Lentil Salad with Red Beets

Rote-Linsen-Salat mit Roter Bete

I love to cook and I enjoy good food but these days I have to listen to my body, which is attacking me at all times if I don’t eat right. Autoimmune disorders, in my case an inflammation that affects my small joints. Pain, and joint stiffness, endless fatigue, and brain fog I should get a patent for. All gone if I stick to a healthy diet. Too much protein is my downfall, sugar drives me mad, gluten inflames my gut, dairy, including my beloved cheese, has become my archenemy.

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Starbucks? Meet Austrian Ice Coffee!


My husband had his first Starbucks coffee a few weeks ago. When I asked him how he liked it, he said it was alright, but not worth the money. Sometimes, his down to earthiness can be a bit annoying. Of course, he is right. I remember how shocked I was years ago when a friend invited me to a cup of overpriced caramel-whipped-cream-madness. I had forgotten and he brought things back into perspective.

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