Surprise Easter Cake Eggs

Easter is a wonderful time to get creative. I love to make Suprise Cake Eggs, which are so easily done, and everybody loves them. All it takes is two or three dozen fresh eggs and your favorite cake or brownie mix. Right out of the box -not too time-consuming but fun to make. Of course, you can make your own cake batter if you prefer.

Wash and dry the raw eggs, poke a small hole on one side and a larger hole on the other. Use a needle and break the egg yolk and blow out the egg white and the egg yolk either the old-fashioned way, or you use a syringe. Rinse off the shells with cold water; allow them to dry completely.

Mix the cake or brownie mix according to the package, and fill the eggs individually. The easiest way to make the eggs stand up is either in a muffin pan in salt, sugar, or dried beans, or in a cake pan, using foil to keep the eggs in place.

Bake the eggs in the oven (the cake batter will need less time as recommended on the package) take the eggs out of the oven, and let them cool completely.

Now you can either decorate them to serve them as “Surprise Cake Eggs” or get creative with the kids.

It’s fun, it’s super easy, and not expensive. Easter Bunnies!

Nests with eggs!

Cake Eggs on a stick?

Easter decorations or sweet Easter surprises don’t have to be expensive and still look good.

A small egg cake fits into everybody’s diet (and budget) without leaving us feeling guilty.

Happy Easter!

The egg yolks and egg whites can be used for make-ahead breakfast muffins or an Easter breakfast casserole, perhaps even a quiche?

21 thoughts on “Surprise Easter Cake Eggs

  1. I’d totally go for a 36-egg scramble feast to share with the people you made that amount of cakes for. Egg goop in a thick-bottom pan on medium heat. At this volume, probably add a full pack of butter, and slowly fold it through the eggs as they scramble. After the eggs are perfect, add a good grind of pepper and salt. Perfect for an Easter brunch (especially when followed by these egg cakes!)


  2. These look great! I never made something like this, had not even heard of it. I used to hard boil the eggs and, if I felt “creative”, try to paint them. But I was terribly bad at it 😂. Still, fun to do.

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