The chaos started with order


I love our home and I keep it clean and welcoming. Things are in order, even though my husband doesn’t seem to get the order at all times. I have a  junk drawer or two, but that’s about it. I just cleaned out all the closets and cabinets during my annual spring cleaning; there is a bag with donation stuff in the garage and a few boxes are just waiting for the upcoming community garage sale. 

Interesting enough, as much as I like it neat and clean in our home, the same rules don’t seem to apply in my workroom. There is chaos and it makes me happy. I have a full equipt work room with cabinets, worksurfaces and tool drawers, but somehow I seem to work best surrounded by chaos.

There are fabric rolls everywhere, there are piles of magazines and pictures, cans with paint and stains. Isn’t it odd? Neat and clean at home and just a few steps further chaos takes over and seems to rule.

My husband had the marvelous idea to clean my work room, while I was gone visiting a friend. I left the chaos behind on Friday and came back to an organized workroom Sunday in the evening.

He had done a marvelous job. There was a hanging tool organizer on the wall, he had installed shelves for my magazines and threads and all my fabric was neatly rolled up in just one corner. My husband was so proud of himself and I just the loved, how everything looked.

Monday came and I couldn’t find a thing. My notes -the ones that are normally everywhere on my desk- were gone, so were my drawings and clips.

My creative mug was missing. I couldn’t find my favorite pen, my nail file was gone and the cool blue nail polish that I just had bought, was nowhere to be found.

Everything was in order and that was the worst chaos ever. That  might sound silly, but that’s really how I felt. It took me weeks to get my workroom back in shape. The cabinets and the shelves are still there and I found a good use for it, my plants seem to like them.

Maybe I have two souls in my chest, one that needs order and the other one, who seems to work best surrounded by a little bit of chaos. A bit of turmoil seems to be the spark for my creativity.


“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams,


Friedrich Nietasche



17 thoughts on “The chaos started with order

  1. That is so funny- I always say when I clean up I cant find a thing! OI also keep the house neat, but the area where I work at my computer somehow always ends ups with pile of papers, despite the 2 cabinets I bought so the area would be neat 🙂 You are not alone!


  2. Changing from a large farmhouse to a town-house took a lot of downsizing. We managed to keep most stuff but donated lots of books, clothing to Vinnies. Helvi keeps everything tidy and I am learning to put things away.


      • Hi Bridget – nice to hear from you too.
        I’m so buried right now, I only get to catch the odd blog post. Unfortunately the real tsunami hasn’t hit me yet and I’m going to be even more MIA in another week than I already am 😦

        Liked by 1 person

          • Partly it’s the time of year when the outdoors wants so much attention, in addition to the indoors, and partly it’s because I have company coming to visit for 3 weeks. They arrive next week … and in the middle of all that I’m co-hosting a family reunion.
            It all seemed like a good idea months ago 😉

            … and of course, because life likes to throw us curve balls, I woke up this morning with a seriously sore throat and a deep cough. Yay.

            Thanks for letting me whine 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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