A Frog a Toad and maybe a Dragonfly


In school we were raised to be ladies, they taught us to walk with grace, we learned to show temporary elegance. I know it all and use it at times, but not so today.

Today I am not graceful. I am a mess, can’t hold my posture, and seem to have lost it all. I am flinging my arms in the air, scratch my foot with the other and rub my face against my shoulder. I can’t hold still, I have to give in.

It started last night while we were watching TV; I could hear it and sat there helpless like a mouse in the trap. How do you fight something that you can’t see? I felt it just a minute later, it had bitten me -of course- and not just once.

There was a Mosquito in the house and it wasn’t a friendly one. It was out to get me and me only. They are never interested in my husband; they are biased and obviously, have some gender issues.

The torture continued today in the morning. It has bitten me at least 10 times and by now I should be able to find it rather quickly, because by it has to be the size of an elephant.


It’s trying to suck me dry. I bet it’s too heavy to fly now and is crawling down on the floor. (No wonder I can’t find that damn thing). This itching is insane, it drives me mad.

Mosquitos only exist to be food for others, that’s at least what Wikipedia said and they seem to know everything.

Mosquitos, like all other life forms, are part of a complex food web. Many fish feed on mosquito larvae, which are aquatic, and plenty of birds and spiders and other insects feed on the adults. Dragonflies and damselflies love mosquitoes. Frogs eat adult mosquitoes, tadpoles eat the larvae.

“Hey Mosquito, newsflash…you are the food, not me, you got it all backward.” (Dumb insect).

According to Wikipedia, we seem to have the wrong pets. We have dogs, what we need are spiders, dragonflies, frogs, maybe a toad or two.

I need to go for a walk; maybe I can convince a dragonfly to follow me home. Later I will shop online; I bet I can order a frog somewhere.

Fasten your seatbelt Bloodsucker – payback will be a bitch!







35 thoughts on “A Frog a Toad and maybe a Dragonfly

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  2. I definitely support the idea of getting a toad or maybe a frog to help you out. Alternatively, I can recommend doing some research into magical spells to banish all mosquitoes. I used one of said spells last year- it made winter come early, so all the nasty buggers died.

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  3. Love it; got some chuckles out of me. 🙂 I also got a mosquito (or maybe more) today and I had at least 3 or 4 bites. Strange as they normally go for my husband alone. Hope you find your dragonfly. 🙂

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      • We’re heading for summer so it’s only the beginning. I just hope that the change in taste buds is temporary. 🙂 We feel the same. Mosquitoes are not friends.
        It is a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad I finally checked out the daily prompt after ignoring it from the start. Meant to be… 🙂 I also quit smoking 5 years ago. I smoked for just over 20 years. It was easy for me as I got pregnant and I thought of getting back to it but didn’t like the smell and taste anymore. Perhaps, 40 was time to quit. I didn’t when I was younger, with the first 2 children who are now adults.
        I like your posts a lot. I am looking forward to reading more.

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        • Well Anne, you just made my day. I will check your blog out as well and will eventually follow.
          I don’t believe in blogging politics, what means I am not a blind follower. I will read and decide and I hope that’s alright.

          As for the daily prompt. It was so much better just a year ago. Now they throw a word out and some people right about it, but many (too many) do their own thing and they use it a fishing ground for readers and temporary followers.

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          • Absolutely fine and understandable. It’s the same as writing what I want to write and not what the readers may want to read knowing that I can never please everyone all at the same time so I follow my heart.
            Thank you. 🙂

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  4. I know i might end up sounding unsympathetic to your cause but i thoroughly enjoyed reading what you wrote…especially since i am now convinced that i am not the only one who feels that the mosquito is out to get me and me alone…of course not a single one will bother my husband’s sleep whose gentle snores will probably make them feel that he’s one of them…or maybe it is all that buzzing that attracts them to me!

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  5. Autumn is mosquito time where we live, within walking distance of the River. We have special plugs which have some sort of deterrent and we plug them in the bedroom and the living room. Not permaently, only when it begins to get dark outside and they take a flight inside. It keeps them away. I am also one of their favourite blood groups, perhaps they prefer diabetics for the sweet blood – who knows.

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    • I can’t use the plug-ins, we have dogs and I have an autoimmune disorder, I try to stay away from anything and everything that could be toxic.

      I am not sure why they like me better than my husband. I too believe it must have something to do with the blood.


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