Trouble in Paradise – or just another Election?




This is not the first election in my lifetime that didn’t end the way I wished for, but it is the first election that left me feeling scared. 

I have been quiet yesterday, not just here on my blog, but also at home. I read many posts about love and unity. “Now is the time for healing,” some bloggers wrote, and I didn’t leave any replies. I just don’t feel that way and I refuse to pretend. The anger I felt yesterday, has now turned into sadness but I also feel a little bit rebellious. What’s done is done and look what we have done?

The Italian journalist, Indro Montanelli, made a statement at the beginning of Silvio Berlusconi’s political career. Montanelli said, “I hope Berlusconi wins because he is a sickness that you cure only with a vaccine, with a good injection of Berlusconi and only this way will we become immune.”

The angry, white American voter wanted Trump to be our next President, now let them have it.

Will he be able to keep all his election promises? Will he build a wall around this nation and will he deport ALL illegal immigrants – millions of them with children who are American citizens?

Perhaps the way to prove that Trump can’t bring back manufacturing jobs -or coal jobs- is to let him try.

This is the first time I feel fear after an election. What if it’s not just a win of the opposite political party? What if racism and fascism will take over the United States of America?

The transition will be smooth,” and, “We will work with him,” both, President Obama and Hillary Clinton told us, and they asked for our help. Let’s be optimistic; it might not be as bad as we thought it would be. But what if it will be exactly as bad as many of us fear it will be?

A new conservative judge will be appointed and fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court and that’s why I fear the most. I fear for the younger generation. The amount of damage that Trump and a republican congress can do in a few years can be significant -and it can have a lasting effect on your lives. (Civil rights, abortion rights, LGBT rights, social security and medicare, environmental protection, etc.) everything could be undone with just a few rightwing radicals.

Just like Brexit in the UK, we too committed political suicide by voting Trump into the White House, that’s at least my opinion.

In the evening I watched the news. Young, people were peacefully demonstrating against Donald Trump. I read the signs and very quietly, hidden in the darkness I whispered:

“He is not my President either,” but nobody could hear me.

No more  need for more political posts on my blog. It’s done!

Hopefully, I am wrong, and there will be everlasting peace and milk and honey will flow in paradise.

Then, of course, I will happily write about it.




38 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise – or just another Election?

  1. I detest the man, but am I foolhardy in thinking that in order to effect change he has to get things through Senate? He’s not fully empowered, is he? Again, I may be wrong, but surely Obama could have achieved more if he’d not been hampered? It’s all a tug of war instead of a combined effort for the good of the majority.

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  2. You said it perfectly for me too.

    I’m scared and I don’t even live in the US … but I live much too close for comfort.
    I feel sick about the giant step backwards that is about to happen.
    I cringe at the sound of his voice, especially knowing that we’re going to hear it a lot. It’s nothing but shit that comes out of his mouth.
    The next 4 years are going to be painful.

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  3. Like you I cannot stand to look at him nor do I want to hear anything he has to say. I fear for the future as you said of the younger generations, for Gays, for women, for anyone who is not Christian. Mike Pence is to be feared too. There will be no unity because this man is a dictator, and an ignorant one at that. I am sickened at the thought of the people in this country that stood and continue to stand behind this him. Friends I have known for close to 30 years that voted for him I can no longer even look at, and want nothing to do with. Sad that it comes down to that but that is how strongly I feel about it.

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    • Lisa, you have no idea how glad I am to read your comment. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I know I have a friend, who voted for Trump and I don’t want to talk to her right now. How can someone with so different views and believes be my friend.

      Pence is as dangerous as Trump, his views on Homosexuality and women’s rights are from the middle age.

      Lisa, I feel fear!

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      • Totally agree about Pence. And again, I don;t care how much change someone thinks this country needed, Trump has no morals, no ethics, and those who voted for him also are lacking if they were able to vote for him, in my opinion.

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  4. I am more afraid now than ever in my life, and I’ve faced some scary stuff along the way. Because that horrible man will most likely begin the third world war. Because he has targeted me as unacceptable to his vision of a perfect America, because I’m a woman and disabled. I am afraid because he seems godless to me and right now we really need our versions of God. We do not need more war mongering and hate. I feel just sick. And I’m angry and don’t feel ‘specially friendly to anyone…unlike BettyLouise there who is a better woman than I for feeling that way. She thinks too, which maybe I don’t. I’m going on gut instinct right now. Thanks for posting this. I needed to read it.

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    • I am not willing to be friendly either, I guess that’s why I wrote it. We, as a nation have to come together, but it has to happen because we want to, not because we have to.

      I have friends who are gay, I have friends who believe in a different god. Will they all be safe? Will I lose health insurance?

      I am agnostic, I don’t believe in a god or or gods. I am afraid the turn around in this nation will be a little bit too godly -if you don’t mind me say so.


  5. Loke you I am scared but about thevresults that approximately 50% of the country is divided. Someway we must fine a joint solu. Killing people won’t help, roits in the strewets won’t do it. If Trump foll through his plans there are going tio be a lot more angry. No Obamacare. Think of all the people whio nowchave insurance who won’t have it. Depor the parents and leave the children or strict the childrem of citizenship. That is what I amafraid of now.
    My now slogan is THINK – BE FRIENDLY , NOTY ANGRY


  6. When do we throw some blame to our fellow Americans? That’s what we’re not supposed to do, right? Are so many of us that ignorant, that swayed by razzle dazzle, that easily coaxed into racism and sexism? How did Obama win? He appealed to our better nature. If people hit hard by economic times want to send a message, that message should be to themselves: wake up and find your way to a better life, don’t tear down your country.

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  8. Our Brexit vote was based on politicians telling lies and stirring up racism. Your country has followed that lead, and it won’t be the last. There are elections coming up in France and Germany, and the same could well happen there too. I’m fearful for the world’s future.

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      • The parallel that really worries me is the rise of Hitler, which started with him being elected by popular vote. And look what that led to! The far right is going to do well across Europe in the next elections, a scary thought.

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          • I know, it’s a ridiculous situation to be in. Our system of first past the post for Parliamentary constituencies means that a government here is very unlikely to get a majority of the vote, but the major parties stand to lose from reforming it, so it won’t happen. Still not as crazy as your system though!


  9. I have been trying to persuade myself that there are sufficient numbers of sane and courageous people among the Republican Senators and Congressmen to prevent the very worst from happening, then I read a depressing article about just how Trump could out-manoeuvre these people. The leaders round the world who are happy about this outcome are an unpleasant bunch. I just hope my fears are unrealised and send my sympathy to all my American friends. I fear that the UK Brexit vote was one of several things that encouraged both bad behaviour and voting against the establishment just to teach it a lesson. I’m working on being positive.

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  10. Great post. I too felt sick to my stomach when I heard the news. I voted for Bernie, then Hillary. I guess people in the US don’t mind that an infant has access to the nuclear codes, and gets offended at the drop of a hat.

    My husband had been telling me for weeks how there was no way Trump would win, yet here we are. People have been so nasty on Facebook. I’ve gotten attacked merely commenting on a FB friend’s page by people I don’t even know. While I was tempted to call them awful names, like they were hurling at me, I rose above it. They were going to change my mind about as much as I was going to change theirs. Let’s hope the next four years goes fast, and the Democrats in the senate and congress will be as helpful to Trump, as the Republicans were to Obama. I just hope we have a planet when this nightmare is over.

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