One Chance


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“We are surrounded every day by the wonders of life, wonders beyond comprehension that we simply take for granted. I decided that day that I would live my life—not simply exist. If I died and discovered heaven on the other side, well, that’d be just fine and dandy. But if I didn’t live my life as if I was already in heaven, and I died and found only nothingness, well…I would have wasted my life. I would have wasted my one chance in all of history to be alive.”
― Allen Eskens, The Life We Bury

A possible afterlife or nothingness? I am not sure what would be scarier. Perhaps that’s the biggest mistake we humans make. We are scared. WHAT IF….not knowing for sure scares us so much. Will there be consequences for the life we lived or nothing at all?

I remember the nuns talking about heaven and hell when I was in school. They wanted us to be afraid of god, and that never made sense to me. Wouldn’t a god be the only one I wouldn’t have to be scared of? My parents were abusive toward each other and me. I spent my early years in fear of verbal and physical abuse. A god, who wouldn’t be kind and forgiving didn’t fit into my little world -still, doesn’t.

A friend of mine always says, “There is only one hell and we are already in it,” and I can see his point. For many here on earth this seems to be the truth.

What if tomorrow somebody could finally proof there is an afterlife? Would there be a mass suicide?

What if this here on earth, the life we live now, is our heaven?

Imagine earth is both, heaven and hell? Perhaps it’s good that we are only immortal for a limited time. Sooner or later we will find out -or not.

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12 thoughts on “One Chance

  1. I truly love this post. Your ponderings make much sense. For me, I prefer to believe that I have one life and that whatever happens at the end will be. Therefore, I try to live this one life decently and with dignity and to live each day as well as I can appreciating what I have, appreciating what is around me. Of course I fail often but that is part of the journey, I think. I love the picture … it has me wondering and exploring the nest in my head and that is always a good thing.

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