How can you come that close?

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The dead, the sick were so far away. Many of them in cities I once worked in or studied at, when I was young. I knew the threat was real, and so I stayed home like most of us did.

A bit fearful, but somehow convinced that in the end, it wouldn’t be as bad as THEY –meaning the media- made it sound. After all, we live in the midwest surrounded by Amish people and Mennonites. Surely, our rural areas now serve as a bumper, to keep us secure.

I was wrong. Nothing keeps us safe. A young neighbor, only 34 years old without any pre-existing conditions tested positive Monday, and she was gone too soon yesterday. Another neighbor, a correctional officer, lost his life this week to COVID-19. Both are leaving behind a family and young kids.

How could it come that close? I just convinced myself that re-opening my workshop for business would be alright.

Still sewing and selling masks, and working on all my furniture projects, I felt the need for normality, missed my daily routine and my freedom to spread my wings whenever I feel like it.

I miss so much. Going out and meeting friends. The gym, museums, malls -even though I haven’t been in one in ages- restaurants, movie theaters -even though we mostly stream these days.

I am a funny crazy lady. I miss places I haven’t been in years.

My freedom! Isn’t that my right. To come and go as I please -even if it’s just in my fantasies. How dare you take this right away from me? I will stand up and ….

No, I won’t! I will stay home and continue to embrace this quiet time that was given to me. We have a roof over our head, we can pay our bills, we have food in the fridge and in the pantry. We have each other.

I have no reason to complain. None, whatsoever!

I am alive. I can lament, stomp my foot, have a hissyfit, and I can drive my husband crazy any time I feel like it -or he puts up with it.

I can whine and write about it. 63,109+ people in this country can not!

The freedom to stay safe. How blessed are we? Nobody forces us to leave our cocoon if we don’t want to.

I choose to stay safe. Let them protest, let them scream, and make demands. You can’t make me! I choose to obey by my rules! My workroom will be closed for another month. I will go outside, but not mingle much.

And now I will get another cup of decaf, and sort more fabrics for the masks I will continue to sew for a very long time.

I will travel in my dreams!

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19 thoughts on “How can you come that close?

  1. Sorry the rest of my previous comment got lost so am adding it in here. It is utterly tragic that this disease had affected so many of your friends and fellow cituzens. I like your mantra of obeying the rules for your health’s sake. It won’t be for too long, but could save countless lives. Stay safe and well, at home, Bridget.

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