In parts of our city, the power went out
intentionally outages after a strong storm,
to prevent further damages, to make sure
we all will be comfortable during the summer.

It was uncomfortable, a bit too warm
but how wonderful to know for sure
the power will come back on, the bills are paid
there is no doubt on our minds.

Five thousand miles across an ocean
in a country far away, they sit in the dark
their old life is gone, they are under attack
surrounded by darkness and war.

In my city, the lights came back on, the internet is back
the A/Cs run overtime again, food is on the stove.
The outages didn’t last long, two or three days for some,
just a few hours for many. Aren’t we fortunate?

Yet it didn’t take long, now neighbors are angry,
and social media is the fuel they need, to stay that way.
Electric cars, and politicians, nothing is too big or too small
to get the blame, because someone has to.

“How dare they, not give us a warning,
we should sue them, not pay the next bill.”
Not many are grateful, just a few try to stay logical
some are saddened, I am one of them.

Our entitlements are just illusions
the lights can go out quickly
many of us are just a paycheck away
from darkness, from heat and bitter cold.

The power went out and came back on,
yet I still feel powerless.

30 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. This is powerfully honest and real, Bridget. I don’t understand how entitlement has become the hallmark of the average American, when we have so many glaring examples of how quickly it an all be taken away. It’s very humbling thinking about what the people in Ukraine have suffered and continue to lose hour by hour. And we show impatince if a grocery line is too long!

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  2. I don’t know what to say. Yes! I guess. For sure, Yes! The anger and frustration in people about small, futile things is so prevalent. I notice it in myself, too. Your post is a bit of a smack in the face to be better, if that makes sense?

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    • They really aren’t. We lost power after strong storms went through our area last Monday. Yes, it was uncomfortable and too warm, of course it had to happen during a heatwave, but overall, it wasn’t that bad, yet people are outraged, which puzzles me a bit.

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  3. You are so right, Bridget. We should be grateful for having lights on at all and for all the privileges we take for granted.
    Only when it is gone do we really miss it and appreciate it.
    A positive the Ukrainian situation teaches us. Here I was posting about a looming power crisis in Australia – from the political angle and although my intention was to support green energy as opposed to coal and fossil fuels, your post will make me be grateful today. Thank you!

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    • We all are privileged yet we forget, I do too. I was so happy when the power came back on, I don’t understand the anger and the entitlement so many of my neighbors seem to feel right now. They had to repair the main powerlines, so we all will have power in the coming summer months, it’s not rocket science. 🙂

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      • I don’t understand an anger reaction as it doesn’t help bring the power back on any faster. If they are angry at the politician’s inaction, then I get that, but then they can let their politician know or use your vote to express how you feel.
        It seems anger is a default reaction to many situations in the modern world. The recent floods here in Australia meant some areas including where my son lives were without power for 7 days. How futile would it have been to get angry at the rain?

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  4. We, too, have gone the way of seeking to blame someone, anyone, for anything that is perceived as against our entitlements. We have a right…………..THEY should do something about it………….etc. I understand your feeling powerless!

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