Octopus Blues

at the bottom of being,
where the water that makes
this planet a world
   is the color of spacetime

the octopus —

with her body-shaped mind
and her eight-arm embrace
    of alien realities,
with her colorblind vision
    sightful of polarized light
and her perpetually awestruck
    lidless eye —

can see

shades of blue we cannot conceive.

Call it god
    if you must
lean on the homely
to fathom the holiness
    of the fathomless whole.

    And meanwhile,
up here,
    we swim amid particles
we cannot perceive
    folded into dimensions
we cannot imagine

to tell stories about
    what is real and
    what is possible,
and what it means to be.

A blink of time ago
we thought the octopus
we thought this blue world
        below three hundred fathoms
until in 1898 —
    an epoch after Bach
    scribbled in the margin
        of a composition
            “Everything that is possible is real” —
we plunged our prosthetic eye
    deep into the blue
and found a universe of life.

the octopus,
    godless and possible,

Are any of her three hearts breaking
        for us
and our impossible blues?

21 thoughts on “Octopus Blues

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  2. I also saw “My Octopus Teacher,” and found it fascinating! Your poem is a beautiful appreciation for this unusual animal as well as a reminder that what is possible extends beyond our imagination. Very special poem, Bridget.

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  3. Animals have an intelligence we rarely give them credit for. Pragmatic, curious, tender and efficient. The diver in the video too can relate a unique appreciation of this creature to a wider audience! Its amazing we are still discovering things in the animal world. Nature is mind-blowing! Great post, Bridget!

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    • So true, we underestimate them or perhaps overestimate ourselves. When I look back at the dogs in our past and our Patches today, it’s fascinating how much they understand, not just by my gestures or tone, but by words. A crow came every morning to my grandma’s window and demanded to be fed, when we forgot her she ‘knocked’ at the glass, even the cows in the barn. As for the Octopus, I believe they are very intelligent and sensitive creatures.


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