The Ultimate Question – When? Where?


What time and place would I travel to if there would be a time machine? My blogging friend Peter, from Peter’s pondering, asked me that question a while back, and as so often, I didn’t have an answer right away. However, I thought I found a clever way out because he had mentioned there would be no return and a one-way ticket in a time machine didn’t seem desirable at all.

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The Conscience of an Ex-smoker

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We both have been sick for weeks -three weeks to be exact. We both had a cold that just lingered a bit longer than usual. I could hear my husband cough in his sleep and he said the same about me the next morning. We both finally took time off work, that’s something we rarely do.  Continue reading

My backpack

my backpack 2

I think we all get an invisible backpack when we are born. At first we just carry it around empty, but then -just after a short while- we start to fill it up.

We fill it up with memories, experiences and feelings – all of it- the good and the bad. Over time the backpack gets heavier and weighs us downs. Then it’s time for a break, it’s time to sit down and look at our inventory. Continue reading

Am I who I wanted to be?

looking back

One day I came home and I wasn’t a happy camper at all. That day somebody had made fun of me in school and I felt small, ugly and misunderstood. I was too tall and way too thin. I looked like a spider, with long limbs that I would grow into a few years later. A few kids had made fun of me that day, they had laughed about me and it hurt. Continue reading

The Demons of Past and Future~!


There was a time in my life, when I thought about the past a lot. I sat there for hours, days and weeks, trying to find the answers to all the questions that I had. I wanted answers and explanations about many things that had happened in my life, but most of all about my parents. I was convinced that many things would be different, if my past would have been different. Continue reading