Government Shut Down – A Wall and Immigration

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One hundred years of films about the immigrant experience reveal the split personality of modern living

You would think the whole Government is closed during a Government shutdown but sadly, that’s not the case. Of course, politicians still receive their pay, while some of the real public servants go home without a paycheck-at least for the moment. I will never understand the logic behind it, I doubt anybody does.  Continue reading

The Syria Crisis- How did it happen?

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Donald Trump insists that President Obama and of course Hillary Clinton are alone to blame for the war in Syria and the uprising of ISIS. His supporters, of course, believe him, they are busy hating, they don’t have time for facts, they don’t seem to have the time for research, even when it’s right at their fingertips.  Continue reading

Pictures can speak louder than words.


I liked to draw pictures when I was a child. I wasn’t any good at it, but that didn’t stop me from doing so. My drawings were always full of life and colors; they told beautiful stories of dogs, cats, cows and roosters. I drew pictures of our farm with green fields, beautiful trees and gigantic flowers. No matter what I drew, there was always a smiling sun in the corner. Continue reading

Think Again~!


I was in tears yesterday, when I saw the picture of the little, Syrian boy who had drowned. I was born and raised in Europe, I traveled the word. I saw people begging for shelter in a foreign country. My own Grandmother had to flee in WWI and found a new home in Austria, where I was born. I visited Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. I am a first generation immigrant myself, a love immigrant through marriage to my husband. Refugees, migrants, immigrants…many names for people who have one wish only. The wish for a better life~! If this picture will not change the way we handle the situation worldwide, then nothing will. One of the easiest reblogs ever~!

A Momma's View

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve recently read and ask you how you feel. Please read and let me know.


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