A Crash Course how to Welcome Refugees


TORONTO — One frigid day in February, Kerry McLorg drove to an airport hotel here to pick up a family of Syrian refugees. She was cautious by nature, with a job poring over insurance data, but she had never even spoken to the people who were about to move into her basement.

“I don’t know if they even know we exist,” she said.

At the hotel, Abdullah Mohammad’s room phone rang, and an interpreter told him to go downstairs. His children’s only belongings were in pink plastic bags, and the family’s documents lay in a white paper bag printed with a Canadian flag. His sponsors had come, he was told. He had no idea what that meant.

The rest of this great article is  >>>here<<<

I wish every American politician would read this. I wish I could send this article with all it’s beautiful pictures to all of Donald supporters. We don’t need more walls and more regulations; we need more heart and more compassion.

A must read, an eye-opener! It made my day.

“Thank you” Canada

“Thank you” New York Times!




11 thoughts on “A Crash Course how to Welcome Refugees

  1. I’ve *liked* this, but I’d prefer if there was a *love* button instead.

    I like how balanced this article was. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but hard work … like all things of value. In the end, the message is clear – the world needs more compassion and less judging.

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